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My Recent Visit to Seattle for Conference and Little Vacation…

Past week, I travelled to Seattle to attend #IISE Annual Conference and Expo. This is the largest meeting of industrial and systems engineers in the world, and I had been involved with the Sustainable Development Division for the last 10+ years.

It was the first in person conference, I attended prior to the Pandemic. I flew with #AlaskaAirlines from Saint Louis, MO to Seattle, WA with a direct flight. Wifi was good along with a large group of movie, etc. selections, while I like to read or rest during flights. Overall, the flight was comfortable back and forth despite being 3+ hours long. I packed small and went with 1 back pack and 1 small bag, no luggage. I try to learn and practice as much as I can on minimalism, which is I believe crucial for a happy and calm life. What do you think about minimalism? [Feel free to comment below]

I keep my conference activities mixed with leisure things like wondering around, meeting new people, and catching up with oldies but goodies friends.

Town Hall Meeting

I had the opportunity to meet many colleagues from #SustainableDevelopment Division at Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. I stepped down from President role of Sustainable Development Division after a year of happy and fun service experience. We had such a good turn out at the conference despite being the first in person meeting after a couple of years. People seemed to be really missed the in person meetings. I had the pleasure to announce the best paper (Stephanie González), best student paper (Mehrsa Khaleghi), and best sustainable development service (Massachusetts Port Authority (MASSPORT) awards.

A cool coffee shop in downtown Seattle! I discovered this while walking on the streets of downtown. It is “Top Pot Doughnuts“. Their doughnuts are otherworldly delicious! And, sure, you will get a great coffee when you are in Seattle. One of my dream todo is to open a book coffee shop like this, so inspiring!

I gave a talk about the research project, “Layer Analysis of U.S. Manufacturing and its Global Supply Chains: A Multi-Region Input-Output Analysis Approach” lead by two of my former graduate research assistants Durva Joshi and Meet Panchal. [Link to the presentation] I shared our initial results and had some more work to do, I am in the look out to recruit research assistants and/or find collaborators to move these projects further. Reach out if you are interested in collaborating!

More importantly, in almost every talk I gave about sustainability, I share the slide of CO2 PPM trend as you see below in the first slide of talk. The safety level is 350 and see where we are at based on NASA’s analysis. I pause and let people contemplate, to me this is like a ritual now… I go back and see what I can do myself in combating climate change, educating and helping with the awareness. What do you think about climate change?

On the last day, I had the opportunity to moderate the session entitled “UN SDG 13 – Climate Action: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” on Tuesday May 24 – 12:30 PM to 1:50 PM block, which had four talks.

I got to see my old friend and colleague Dr. Can (John) Celikbilek, PhD and other colleagues, my former professors from Ohio University including Dr. Dusan Sormaz [Happy Retirement Dr.!]. Anthony’s is a great sea food place – check out the salmon, when you are there especially on May-June period, according to my local friend John [Forza Inter bud!]

Lastly, I had the pleasure to represent Lindenwood University Robert W. Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship [GO LIONS]!

Funny and great fact: after starting at Lindenwood as of 2022, both my university’s and my fav soccer team’s (Galatasaray) mascot became Lion! Cant be happier 🙂 [Sari, Kirmizi, En Buyuk Cimbom!]

Well, I am now fully recharged and ready for the summer! See you on the next post…

Dr. Anne Zouggar gave a webinar to ASOS, ISE Student Chapter, and Supply Chain Management students

Dr. Zouggar gave a webinar in EGRM/INDE 6641 Supply Chain Management course on November 19, 2021. The seminar is entitled “Production Optimization Through Lean Implementation in The Era of Industry 4.0“.

Anne is an Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux. She
started studying Economy at the university of Moscow, and then
transitioned to Industrial Systems Optimization at the university of
Toulouse. She received her PhD In Production/Logistics from University
of Bordeaux. Anne has published more than 30 publications in
conferences, books, and international journals. She focused mainly on
Aeronautics and Automotive Industries, which falls under Manufacturing Systems Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and development of new models to sustain Lean Production Deployment. She is also member of IFIP working group 5.7, and involved in various projects:

• I4EU: Industry 4.0 for EUROPE to build a handbook, showcases and virtual Lab for European learners. She is a leader of
work package Industrial Showcases in France. She collaborates with Dassault and Faurécia.
• GT4.0: she belongs to working Group in the department to lead an active thinking about the future master program
transformation to fit industry 4.0 expectations.
• In charge of Developing serious game “Case Study Digital Kanban in Automotive Industry”

We would like to thank deeply Dr. Anne Zouggar, Associate Professor of Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux. IMS Lab for sharing her recent research and industry consulting projects with our students and researchers.


Dr. Egilmez gave a webinar at Qatar University

Dr. Egilmez gave a webinar in DENG 626 Modeling and Simulation course at Qatar University on 11/03/2021. The seminar is entitled “Application of Stochastic Optimization and Simulation Models to Yatai SERU and Assembly Lines” and presentation can be accessed at this link.

We would like to thank deeply Dr. Murat Kucukvar, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering & Operations Management at Qatar University, for the kind invitation and hospitality, and thanks to friends in  DENG 626 Modeling and Simulation course.


Dr. Egilmez gave a webinar at University of Bordeaux, France

Dr. Egilmez gave a webinar at University of Bordeaux, France on 6/10/2021. The seminar is entitled “Energy and Manufacturing Nexus and Policy Implications of Industry 4.0 on Sustainability” and can be accessed at this link.

Energy and Manufacturing Nexus and Policy Implications of Industry 4.0

We would like to thank deeply Dr. Anne Zouggar Amrani, Associate Professor Researcher at IMS – Research Unit of CNRS at University of Bordeaux, for the kind invitation and hospitality.


Research Presentation and Panel Discussion @ IISE 2020 Annual Conference And Expo

Dr. Egilmez presented a collaborative research project at the Annual Conference of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering on November 2, 2020. The title of seminar was “A PCA Application to Assess OECD Countries’ Sustainable Development Performance”. Here is the links to access to the presentation. [Presentation]

Our former graduate research assistant, Shyam Lamichhane worked on this research project as his M.S. thesis and Dr. Ridvan Gedik is the other co-author, who were in the thesis advisory committee as well.

In the second half of the session, Dr. Egilmez joined a panel discussion with John Corliss and Brion Hurley, entitled “Panel Discussion on The Application of ISE to Sustainability”.

Dr. Egilmez moderated the session on the first day of the conference, which had 3 talks, as follows:

1) Industrial Engineering and Agri-Business in the SIDs, Cilla Pemberton, DBA MSc Eng MSc IIEM BSc IE, Lecturer, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Tunapuna-Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago,

2) Sargassum harvesting process in Puerto Morelos: documentation and improvements proposal, Daniela L. Videa Martínez, ITESM, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico,

3) Strategic Route Planning for Sustainability in Local Food Supply Chains, Isabella T. Sanders, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia


Dr. Egilmez gave a research seminar at UCONN

Dr. Egilmez gave a seminar at UCONNTitle Slide_Egilmez, Research Seminar, SD modeling UCONN

Dr. Egilmez delivered a research seminar to Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center (CMSC) at University of Connecticut on Friday 10/25/2019. The seminar is entitled “System Dynamics Simulation Modeling and An Application to U.S. Highway System Sustainability” and can be accessed at this link.


We would like to thank deeply Dr. Jeongho Kim, Associate Professor of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center  at UCONN for the kind invitation and hospitality.


25th International Conference on Production Research, Chicago IL


Dr. Egilmez attended and presented the research project entitled “Assessing the Readiness of OECD Countries for Industry 4.0 Adoption” at the 25th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) on August 13, 2019 in Chicago, IL. [Presentation]

Erenay Egilmez Pre 2019 ICPR - 1stSlide


Research Presentation on Engineering Ethics Education

Dr. Maria Carnasciali presented our collaborative research at the annual conference of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) on June 16-19, 2019 in Tampa Convention Center, FL. Phil Viscomi was the other co-author of the work.

ASEEE 2019 Pre 1stSlide

Here is the links to access to the presentation and papers.

[Presentation] [Paper]


MS Thesis Defense: Shyam Lamichhane

Shyam Lamichhane, ASOS research team graduate research assistant, successfully defended his thesis on Monday, May 13, 2019 in Buckman Hall Room B329C between 14:30-16:30.

Thesis Title: “Benchmarking OECD Countries’ Sustainable Development Performance: A Goal-specific PCA Approach”

Thesis Committee:

  • Dr. Gokhan Egilmez (Adviser), Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Taglietela College of Engineering, University of New Haven.
  • Dr. Ridvan Gedik, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Taglietela College of Engineering, University of New Haven.
  • Dr. Yong Shin Park, Assistant Professor of Operations Management, Bill Munday School of Business, St. Edward’s University

His presentation can be accessed at this Link 

We congratulate Shyam, and wish him best of luck in his future endeavors!


Spring 2019 Graduate Student Showcase

ASOS research team graduate research assistants presented their posters at the Spring 2019 Graduate Student Showcase of the University of New Haven on April 2, 2019. Lu and Shyam’s poster information are as follows.

Lu Bai, MS Industial Engineering, Poster title: “Predicting Severity of Traffic Crashes in Connecticut” [PDF]

Shyam Lamichane, MS Industrial Engineering, Poster title: “Benchmarking OECD Countries Sustainable Development Performance: A Goal-Specific PCA Approach” [PDF]

We would like to thank them for their hard-work, strong ownership and devotion to these research projects.