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Dr. Egilmez gave a research seminar at UCONN

Dr. Egilmez gave a seminar at UCONNTitle Slide_Egilmez, Research Seminar, SD modeling UCONN

Dr. Egilmez delivered a research seminar to Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center (CMSC) at University of Connecticut on Friday 10/25/2019. The seminar is entitled “System Dynamics Simulation Modeling and An Application to U.S. Highway System Sustainability” and can be accessed at this link.


We would like to thank deeply Dr. Jeongho Kim, Associate Professor of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center  at UCONN for the kind invitation and hospitality.


25th International Conference on Production Research, Chicago IL


Dr. Egilmez attended and presented the research project entitled “Assessing the Readiness of OECD Countries for Industry 4.0 Adoption” at the 25th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) on August 13, 2019 in Chicago, IL. [Presentation]

Erenay Egilmez Pre 2019 ICPR - 1stSlide


POMS Annual Conference in Washington DC

Dr. Egilmez attended 30th Annual Conference of Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). He delivered a presentation, entitled “Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Use Analysis of the U.S. Manufacturing: A Time-series MRIO Approach” on May 4, 2019 [Presentation PDF]. The work presented was the first part of Bahadir Ezici’s (ASOS Graduate Research Assistant, Fall 2018) MS Thesis co- authored with Dr. Ridvan Gedik. He co-authored another presentation, entitled “Evaluation of Supply Chain Sustainability in Emerging Economies: A Three-Stage DEA-Malmquist Productivity Index.” He also chaired the Saturday morning Sustainable Operations session, entitled ” Sustainable Energy”. Details are as follows: