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Decision Science Institute’s 50th meeting in New Orleans, LA

ASOS attended the Decision Science Institute’s 50th meeting in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Egilmez gave two research presentations on Saturday November 23rd and Monday November 25th, 2019 as follows:

  1. An Integrated MRIO And DEA Approach for Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Analysis of The U.S. Manufacturing [Presentation]
  2. Project-based Service-learning Integration in Data Analytics and Statistics Courses [Presentation] [Conference Paper]

Dr. Gedik gave the following research presentation: “Predicting Severity and Investigating Risk Factors of Traffic Crashes in Connecticut” on Monday, November 25th, 2019.

DSI 2019- Crash Presentation


Dr. Egilmez gave a research seminar at UCONN

Dr. Egilmez gave a seminar at UCONNTitle Slide_Egilmez, Research Seminar, SD modeling UCONN

Dr. Egilmez delivered a research seminar to Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center (CMSC) at University of Connecticut on Friday 10/25/2019. The seminar is entitled “System Dynamics Simulation Modeling and An Application to U.S. Highway System Sustainability” and can be accessed at this link.


We would like to thank deeply Dr. Jeongho Kim, Associate Professor of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center  at UCONN for the kind invitation and hospitality.