Dr. Can Celikbilek gave a industry seminar as part of Lindenwood Learning Academy lecture series.

Dr. Celikbilek is currently working at T-Mobile as Business Intelligence Manager. His seminar was focused on Data Science and Business Intelligence Applications in E-commerce and Tech Industry. 

Dr. Celikbilek shared his recent projects that focused on application of machine learning, dashboarding, and data viz techniques on various e-commerce problems including prediction of sales, shipment time, and vendor clustering and classification from clothing, communication, and supply chain / logistics industries. Some of the key takeaways are:

  • Business understanding is far more important than having knowledge and skillset of business analytics and data science.

  • His suggested set of tools include python, SQL, tableau and PowerBI in addition to solid MS Excel knowledge and skills for working on large scale business analytics and intelligence projects.

  • As companies get bigger, the problems become more complex and required datasets, their volume, variety, veracity and value become more and more important and increase.

  • Business analytics tools, methods, knowledge and skills become more indispensable assets for new graduates to have and keep building up on as the industries get connected to each other globally more in depth.

We would like to thank Can for his excellent seminar and sharing his time with us again.


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