Dr. Anne Zouggar gave a webinar to ASOS, ISE Student Chapter, and Supply Chain Management students

Dr. Zouggar gave a webinar in EGRM/INDE 6641 Supply Chain Management course on November 19, 2021. The seminar is entitled “Production Optimization Through Lean Implementation in The Era of Industry 4.0“.

Anne is an Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux. She
started studying Economy at the university of Moscow, and then
transitioned to Industrial Systems Optimization at the university of
Toulouse. She received her PhD In Production/Logistics from University
of Bordeaux. Anne has published more than 30 publications in
conferences, books, and international journals. She focused mainly on
Aeronautics and Automotive Industries, which falls under Manufacturing Systems Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and development of new models to sustain Lean Production Deployment. She is also member of IFIP working group 5.7, and involved in various projects:

• I4EU: Industry 4.0 for EUROPE to build a handbook, showcases and virtual Lab for European learners. She is a leader of
work package Industrial Showcases in France. She collaborates with Dassault and Faurécia.
• GT4.0: she belongs to working Group in the department to lead an active thinking about the future master program
transformation to fit industry 4.0 expectations.
• In charge of Developing serious game “Case Study Digital Kanban in Automotive Industry”

We would like to thank deeply Dr. Anne Zouggar, Associate Professor of Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux. IMS Lab for sharing her recent research and industry consulting projects with our students and researchers.


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