SURF Poster: Assessing Supply Chain Resilience of CT Manufacturing

ASOS research group’s undergraduate research assistant Callia Ricozzi presented her poster on 9/28/2018 at the SURF poster day at University of New Haven main campus. The research focus was assessing supply chain resilience (SCR) of CT manufacturing.

Resilience is termed as the ability of an organization to successfully confront the unforeseen. Therefore, SCR is termed as the ability of an organization to successfully cope with unforeseen circumstances in its supply chain in terms of time, cost, and quality aspects of purchased materials, services, etc.

The primary objective of this research project was to understand the supply chain resilience (SCR) of the Connecticut (CT) manufacturing industry. To do so, a survey has been developed. This survey was focused on two areas of SCR: supply chain vulnerability and organizational capability.

1- Vulnerability section will enable researchers to understand the common external (power outages, delivery delays, safety and security issues, etc.) or organizational vulnerability factors that affect the operational performance of business organizations in CT.

2- Capability section will enable researchers to understand the current capabilities of our
organizations to cope with the impact of external circumstances such as natural disasters, power outages, price fluctuations, global and local issues, etc. on organizational performance (cost, quality, profitability, etc.). The initial results of the project were presented on SURF Poster day. Below is the poster presented.


High Resolution PDF

We are deeply thankful to the project partners, New Haven Manufacturers Association and Connecticut Technology Council, for helping us with deploying the research survey.


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